Scotland is known for its mythical landscapes punctuated by legendary-looking castles. Despite everything, are you afraid of being bored? Here are some arguments that may make you change your mind!

1.Glasgow, the creative

The former industrial city demolished its factory chimneys and chose a resolutely contemporary party when it embodied a European Capital of Culture in 2013. Since then, the city has been connected to the creative mode. The red brick warehouses have become restaurants, pubs, shops and bookstores. We stroll between the trendy galleries of the Merchant City district or on the wasteland side of the West End. The Transport Museum is a zinc snake imagined by Zaha Hadid while next door, the Clyde Auditorium was designed by Norman Foster. The first city of Scotland has become a locomotive of the trend, this phenomenon is called “the miracle of Glasgow”.

Glasgow University (©Leading Lines)

2.Travelling to the Islands

“Explore, dream, discover” wrote Marc Twain, inspired by his country. Almost pristine mountains, a moor moor of reds, yellows and mauves, fairytale lochs, haunted castles: Scotland deserves its nickname of land of legends. But it is undoubtedly its islands which best embody the Scottish spirit. Arran is a parade of winding roads and clean cottages, dramatic ruins and castles surrounded by sumptuous gardens. Islay is a sanctuary of calm. And hedonism: the island has eight distilleries, including that of Lagavulin. As for Jura, it’s a parade of mountains and moor inhabited by deer herds… Enough to become a legend.

Northton – Harris (©Leading Lines)

3.Play Golf

The winding roads meet sheep grazing peacefully in the meadows, pheasants crossing the road blindly, simmering horses, bagpipers and golf courses at each turn. There are almost 600 of them, prestigious ones, but also in quantity of inexpensive country courses where you just have to slide your green fee into the slot of a piggy bank, to find yourself alone on a soft fairway, in the absence of everything civilization sign. Isn’t that the height of luxury? Between two parts, it is easy to treat yourself to a chic picnic (it was in Scotland that it was invented), a short hike in the moor or to wade in a river to fish for salmon.

4.Getting started with Whisky

Scotland is said to have around 100 distilleries. Without falling into addiction, this may be the time to educate your palate and perfect your convoluted science … Glenfiddich, Grants … All the big names are there. On the northern tourist route, the Glenmorangie distillery is located not far from the famous Loch Ness. It has its own water sources and the tallest still in Scotland. Next to Glasgow, Auchentoshan stands out, for distilling his whisky three times. In town, the Pot Still bar aligns 300 references and attracts true connoisseurs. A few refined single malts and other peat-flavored liquors further, you will know what you are talking about, when you get home.

Islay (©Leading Lines)

5.Outdoor lover’s paradise

Scotland is rich in natural wonders. From the sea to the mountains, the country offers a wide variety of unparalleled landscapes. Whether you love nature or not, you cannot be indifferent to the diversity and uniqueness of this country’s landscapes. You could be in a Breton fishing village, on a Caribbean beach (cooler) or by a Canadian lake. Scotland brings together the most beautiful landscapes of the most beautiful countries in Europe and North America.

Quiraing – Skye (©Leading Lines)
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