Our commitments

Our commitments

Because we care

We have always tried to treat all the areas visited on our tours with respect and love as it is our beloved home. Therefore we do try hard to minimise the impact we have on our environment by taking the following steps :

Adapted vehicules

We use small minibuses (9 seaters) on most of our guided tours. We book vehicles adapted to the group size on our guided or self-guided tours.

Zero plastic

We avoid single use plastic packaging where possible.

Local communities

We book locally owned accommodation, cafes and restaurants.

Local food

We eat as local as possible and organic when possible.

We leave footprints only

We aim to leave footprints only and take away only memories. We also pick litter up on our walks if safe to do so and take part in clean-up events.

Environmental support

Every year we donate a small percentage of our profit to a local charity organisation that helps to preserve our beautiful Scotland. This year we will support National Trust For Scotland.

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