Scotland Travel Guide

Everything you need to now before travelling to Scotland

Scotland  is the sort of place you can arrive in without a plan, and have a great time just wandering around and following your whims. but planning your trip is half the fun, and essential if your time is limited or if there is something in particular that you want to see or do.

Scotland at a glance

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Major places

2 main cities (Edinburgh and Glasgow) and 7 main regions (Southern Scotland, Central Scotland, southern Highlands & Islands, Northeast Scotland, Central & western Highlands, Northern Highlands & Islands, Orkney & Shetlands Islands. Let’s discover them together !

Scotland Guide

Like a fine single malt, Scotland is a connoisseur's delight, a land of salt-tanged sea air, peaty waters and a rich, multi-layered history that reveals its true depth and complex flavours only to those who savour it slowly.

When to go in Scotland ?

Any time is a good time to visit Scotland, but your choice of when to go will depend on what you want to do. The main travel period is April to October, and the height of the season is during the school holidays in July and August. Read more…

How to drive in Scotland ?

If you’ve got an international driving license then you’re able to drive in Scotland. This is especially good news when you realise the amount of jaw-dropping, scenic road trips you can soak up during your visit. Wherever you plan to drive in Scotland, we recommend allowing some extra time for your journey, because you’re definitely going to stop along the way for some photos!

Festivals in Scotland

Scotland is home to more than 200 festivals every year, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – the world’s largest arts festival. This means that no matter the time of year, there’s always something going on!

What to pack ?

Wondering what to wear in Scotland? The country’s weather is pretty notorious so it’s only natural that the question of what to pack for Scotland comes up a lot. With that in mind, you should be prepared as you’ll end up spending much of your time in Scotland outside enjoying its beautiful cities and breathtaking landscapes.

To know before you go

1. Pack a raincoat.

2. Expect wind in Edinburgh and rain in Glasgow.

3. Let your guest house host know when you’ll be arriving.

4. The Scottish are REALLY friendly people.

5. Keep to the left, especially if you’re not used to it.

Recommended itineraries

Our favourite roadtrips, from the most classics ones to the roads less travelled..

Famous people

Scotland has produced a large number of well known people across all industries from philosophy, music, film and science. How many of these do you recognise? Sean Connery, Ewan McGregor, Adam Smith, William Wallace, Rob Roy, Andy Murray…

Quiraing - Skye


In addition to the mainland, Scotland is made up of almost 800 islands.
Glen Coe scotland holidays


The history of Scotland is fascinating and complex; there are Roman soldiers, Vikings, noble clansmen and powerful monarchs, but more recently there are world-changing discoveries and innovations, groundbreaking technologies and an incredibly progressive society. This is Scotland, now.


Scotland’s culture can be traced back almost a thousand years and it’s just as alive today as it has ever been. From the ancient clans of the 12th century, each generation has added their own cultural thumbprint, creating a unique and vibrant country.

Recommended books

Scotland has produced many world-famous novelists. The following Top 5 novels provide insights into Scottish culture at various periods spanning the last two centuries: Waverley (Sir Walter Scott), Kidnapped ( Robert Louis Stevenson), The Silver darlings (Gunn), A Scot’s Quair (Gibbon), Para Handy Tales (Munro).

Recommended movies

Head down to the local video store to pick up our choice of Scotland’s 10 best films. All are set in Scotland and many were directed by Scotsmen: “Whisky Galore”, “Tunes of glory”, “Gregory’s hill”, “Local hero”, ‘Braveheart”, “Rob Roy”, “Trainspotting”, “Small faces”, “Mrs Brown”, “Sweet Sixteen”.

Scottish music

From Celtic music to pop and rock, Scotland is home to a wealth of internationally-renowned bands and musicians currently gracing stages, stereos and soundtracks around the world, from Franz ferdinand to Simple Minds, Annie Lennox, Chvrches, Calvin Harris or The Proclaimers

Recommended podcasts

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Travel interview

Why you should visit Scotland in 2020 !

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