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Everything you need to know about outdoor activities in Scotland

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Scotland is an absolute paradise for outdoor lovers. One of the wildest places in Europe well preserved offering an ideal playground for those seeking to discover nature at its best.

Most of Scotland is mountainous. Our mountains are not the highest in the world but are one of the most spectacular. Nowhere else in the world can you access so freely the ridges and summits to enjoy breathtaking views of the land and sea in peace.

We also have over 790 islands with award winning world’s most spectacular beaches from the Hebrides on the west coast to Orkney and the Shetlands in the north east. Over 10,000km of spectacular coastline – a true gem for walkers, sailors and kayakers! You will find the most impressive cliffs, sea stacks and an amazing wildlife to explore.

Variety is a spice of life! What is truly remarkable in Scotland is the contrast between the regions! Each region is truly unique and very different from each other.  An incredible variety in the scenery!


Outdoor activities in Scotland

We hope some of these activities will inspire you to discover this beautiful country.

We are here to help you make this journey memorable whether it is on land, on snow or on water.

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