When you think of Scotland, you think of “castles,” “lochs” and “the Highlands” but not “beaches.” But think again! Scotland has some of the most enchanting beaches in Europe. These are our Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Scotland.

1.Luskentyre Bay

Are we really in Scotland? Very far indeed from the hustle and bustle of large Scottish cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. The white sandy beach and the crystal clear water remind us of the tropics but are contrasted by black rocks dotted here and there, the blue curves of old mountains softened by time, the carpet of short, green grass, studded with grey stones, which fades away as it reaches the sand. On the west coast of the Isle of Harris, an enchanting and perhaps enchanted landscape: you wouldn’t be surprised to see elves or leprechauns dropping by.

2.Traigh Iar Beach

Still on the Isle of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides. Traigh Iar Beach forms a perfect arc of ivory sand, four kilometres long. At its end, it turns into a soft green peninsula that plunges into the royal blue sea. Set back, overlooking the beach, the large Macleod standing stone reminds visitors that other human beings contemplated this landscape at the dawn of time. Unforgettable.

Traigh Iar (©Leading Lines)

3.The Monks

Opposite the Isle of Mull, the small island of Iona is a car-free zone. And that’s good news. “The Monks” beach owes its name to the monastery that has been located on this small piece of land since the 6th century and owes its notoriety to the fact that the Christianisation of the whole of Scotland began here. The beach has remained completely unspoilt: once here, you are filled with the noisy silence of the waves, the breath of the wind, the cries of the sea birds. You breathe in and all is well.

Iona (©Leading Lines)

4.Tolsta beach

On the east of the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, the green carpet-like moor is then punctuated by tufts of tall, dry grass, curved in the direction of the prevailing wind. Then you reach a natural winding path of fine sand. This meandering path leads to the sea, which appears majestic and royal blue. The sandy path then opens up into a large cove of fine, golden sand. A glorious unspoilt beach and a perfect spot for surfing.

Tolsta beach (©Leading Lines)

5.Balnakeil Beach

Mainland Scotland also boasts some wonderful beaches. Balnakeil Beach, next to Durness, is perhaps our favourite: a stone’s throw from the large golf course, alongside the emerald sea, this vast beach protected to the north and south by the curve of the coast and edged with golden sand is perfect for walking and relaxation. The constantly changing Scottish sky sculpts the light, making colours vibrate to create a natural sound and light show! Linger in the evenings for unforgettable sunsets. Pure magic!

Durness (©Leading Lines)
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